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Kou Zihao, who studied traditional landscape painting under the tutelage of landscape painter Yan Fu in the early 1970s, studied the techniques of Shitao, Kun-can and Huang Binhong, and pursued the landscape brushwork of the Yuan dynasty In the early 1980s, he graduated from Chongqing Institute of Architecture and engineering. No matter when the educated youth, university, or into organs, enterprises, no matter how busy have never relaxed the pursuit of calligraphy and landscape painting art.



Kou Zihao's works were compiled into the classics such as the complete works of contemporary Chinese painting masters-landscape chapter and the collection of Chinese life-painting works Published in the World Knowledge Pictorial, China Collection, Jianzang, people of the time, contemporary Chinese painting, Chuncheng Evening News, etc. , 2013, “Autumn in Gingko village” won the gold medal at the 13th New York International Art Fair, and “Clouds of smoke” was Albertina, Minas Gerais by the Italian National Academy of Fine Arts Kunming television has carried out special interviews on his artistic achievements.

In his artistic creation, kou zi-hao insisted on“Inheritance + innovation”, advocated that mood dominated painting realm, and emphasized positive atmosphere While inheriting the fine cultural tradition, it organically combines the connotation of Chinese culture with modern ideas, emphasizing culture, personality and spirit; Take positive, take big, take solid, take male strong, take pound, works show a new positive atmosphere.


The ancients discussed painting: “Painting is like the person, the text is like the person, since ancient times are all natural.” Mr. Kou Zihao is a temperament person, forthright chivalrous, there is a scholar's spirit; in people in things, open-minded, helpful to the pleasure; in books and paintings, persistent and sincere, there are elegant wind. His painting style is the same as his character, handsome without losing honest, simple and simple in the soul. Appreciate its flowers, its birds, its landscape, you can feel the state of the painter, its style of graceful and fierce, flying and dignified, its layout of the opening and introverted, dense and UPS, in the big pen to spread the volume freely, give a person with a pleasant feeling of dripping, showing a spit for the pleasure of the smooth. In his works, he reveals the charm of his pen and ink, the wind-spirit that connects with Xu Wei's imposing manner in the Ming dynasty, and the spirit of bitter Zen that follows fate, the integration of various aesthetic characters makes his works show the meaning of connecting the past and the future. All this stems from his enlightenment of remaking and his perception of the source of gravity, so that while he accepts the tradition, he always looks at it calmly and deeply with the eyes and mind of contemporary people, the tradition of the best essence of their own art system, into their own creative elements, the pursuit of a“Law for my use” of the arbitrary realm.


Mr. Kou Zihao in the screen of the use of lines, appear fine are powerful, gentle in the show of introverted bone strength. His image creation has the typical features of fine brushwork language outlined by lines, but the lines are not wantonly exaggerated and independent of the image creation, but cleverly hidden in the outline and structure, glide organically between image and color. His rendering is by no means rigid and inflexible, but water and color blend, light color slowly dyed, and in the rendering of the pen to reflect the idea of writing, thus reflecting the work of writing, simple art features. To fire, to impetuosity, to stagnancy, to board, and to spirit, to live, to quiet, to elegant, has been Mr.


Generosity is the greatest virtue. Up to now, Mr. Kou Zihao has always been fine brushwork and freehand brushwork, sketching and watercolor, so he is also good at blending these have their own artistic language of painting, and thus opened up his broad and rich artistic realm. In fact, no matter the sketch or the watercolor, or the fine brushwork or the freehand brushwork, what runs through it is his pursuit and nourishment of the cultural character contained in Chinese art, he not only pursued the free and easy style of Chinese literati painting, but also immersed his personality, education and character in the vivid image creation, thus reveals the spirit and style of the art subject, which is the supreme and pure realm that he has been pursuing all his life.


As a contemporary painter in the 21st century, Mr. Kou Zihao's art view and thinking mode are in step with the times. He emphasized the deep and observation of life, broke through the standard of traditional freehand brushwork Chinese painting, and changed from elegance to modernity, which was close to life on the basis of returning to the connotation and temperament of some traditional literati paintings. This kind of transformation and the ancient literati to avoid the world, seclusion has pulled away from the dust, but with the reform and opening up of the new era of the rise of the soul of the national resonance. His paintings, which are rich and deep, are well-suited to the vast natural landscape of China, and his paintings are magnificent and beautiful, reflecting the energetic spirit of the contemporary people. His artistic creation with traditional brush and ink, modern implication, continuous and affectionate artistic personality has established his coordinates in the modern Chinese painting circle. In his freehand brushwork, art became his pursuit of career and spiritual sustenance, and also became his eternal responsibility for art. It seems that endless devotion and quest, will accompany his life, may he contribute more fruitful results for our times.